4 Ways to Gussy Up Your Flour

Flour Mill

4 Ways to Gussy Up Your Flour

Did you know that there’s an assortment of replacement flours and starches out there in the market today? Here’s a sample list of flours and starches you can try the next time you plan for that bake sale at Sunday church.

For Grains, Flours and Starches


          Rice               Corn            Sorghum

Legume Flours

SoyChickpeasFava BeansPeanut

          Soy            Chickpeas      Fava Bean       Peanut

Seed Flours


   Flaxseed             Millet         Buckwheat     Amaranth       Quinoa

Tuber Flours

PotatoTapiocaArrowrootSweet Potato

       Potato           Tapioca        Arrowroot  Sweet Potato

Nut Flours


      Chestnut         Almond        Walnut          Filbert


Gelatin  Xanthan GumGuar Gum

     Gelatin       Xanthan Gum   Guar Gum

Now, it’s time to “Gussy Up” your flour!

1.    Have a Gluten Allergy? To make a Gluten-Free flour, mix

½ cup rice flour

¼ cup tapioca starch/flour

¼ cup cornstarch or potato starch

2.    For the Body Builder! This High-Protein blend will add some punch. The mix works best when you’re making baked goods requiring elasticity like wraps and pie crusts.

1 ¼ cups bean flour, chickpea flour or soy flour

1 cup arrowroot starch, cornstarch or potato starch

1 cup tapioca starch/flour

1 cup white or brown rice flour

3.    Need more fiber in your flour? Try this high-fiber mix for your breads, pancakes, snack bars and cookies.

1 cup brown rice flour or sorghum flour

½ cup teff flour (light preferably)

½ cup millet flour or Montina flour

2/3 cup tapioca starch/flour

1/3 cup cornstarch or potato starch

4.    Need that “lift”? Ode to Joy with Self-Rising Flour! Try this mix for muffins, scones, cakes, cupcakes and other recipes that use leavening like baking powder.

1 ¼ cups white sorghum flour

1 ¼ cups white rice flour

½ cup tapioca starch/flour

2 teaspoons xanthan or guar gum

4 teaspoons baking powder

½ teaspoon salt


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